Powell RYKA is a full-service general contractor.

In order to best facilitate the needs of our clients, we offer many options for all levels of involvement during each project. If you don’t see what you need below, please contact us to discuss your construction goals.

Maple Valley Town Square


At Powell RYKA we use decades of experience to facilitate projects from conception to completion. With extensive work in planning and development, our preconstruction team will help make your goals a reality. We partner with architects and engineers to ensure that your designs seamlessly proceed into construction and that your project can be completed smoothly and successfully.


The Powell RYKA estimating team strives to succeed on competitive projects, but also assists clients with long term budgets and projections. Clients can expect to receive thorough budgetary assistance through design until project kickoff. Through negotiated projects Powell RYKA is able to conserve costs and directly benefit each build.


The construction process requires innovative thinking, precise scheduling, an emphasis on detail to progress smoothly. Our team is committed to giving you the best possible experience while maintaining excellence. Experience and adaptability allow us to build successful projects in the commercial sector, while keeping the schedule and budget of our clients in mind.


Small service work projects and white box work is an inevitable in our industry, as businesses change, and spaces need to be modified. No job is too small for our clients who want to add demising walls, prepare spaces for leasing, and alter their spaces to increase utility. We are well versed in seismic upgrades, cosmetic upgrades, and small remodels.