The Powell RYKA process is designed to meet the needs of clients large and small. Each project receives the same devotion regardless of size to ensure that the initial vision of every unique design becomes a reality. We bring together successful teams to facilitate important milestones and build rewarding relationships.

Process: Why Work with Us

Why Work with Us

Powell RYKA is a customer service company. Powell RYKA is also a construction company. We believe that honesty and integrity are the cornerstones of successful relationships. All our projects are completed with the clearest communication possible. From open book pricing, to frequent schedule updates, each component of your project will be discussed and thought through from the beginning.

We are experts in value engineering and strive to work with architects to produce the best possible outcome that we can all be proud of.

Process: What to Expect

What to Expect

Our clients can expect a cohesive experience from beginning to end. During the estimating process we strive to meet timelines while collecting pricing. Our project team dives into plan details to predict any potential design difficulties and looks for alternatives that will keep costs conservative.

Once a project is under construction clients can expect weekly meetings to discuss all aspects of construction including jobsite safety, schedule updates, RFI/ASI logging, submittal processes, and cost changes. Powell RYKA frequently updates owners and clients with all pertinent information to keep them informed every step of the way.

Curious about the format and what you’ll receive at weekly meetings? Ask us for a template packet of what you can expect to receive during each update meeting.

The experience of the Powell RYKA team attests that possible project pitfalls are identified and mitigated early in each project. We keep comprehensive records so that you are prepared for your next project, and warranty our work at project completion.

I can always count on the team at Powell RYKA to approach every job – no matter the size or complexity – with professionalism, quality work, and care.
Kirk Mathews, Darigold
I would not hesitate to recommend Mike Brehm and the Powell RYKA team to any company that demands superior quality and professionalism on any size project
Kurt Boswell, Ace Aviation
Powell RYKA’s integrity, professionalism, and commitment on my projects is why I keep coming back to them.
Paul Guay, TM Crowley & Associates